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Prepositions often confused:

On, At, In. (Time.)

(a) On.

✖️Don’t say: My uncle will arrive at Saturday.

✔️Say: My uncle will arrive on Saturday.

(b) At.

✖️Don’t say: I usually get up on seven o’clock.

✔️Say: I usually get up at seven o’clock.

(c) In.

✖️Don’t say: She goes for a walk at the afternoon.

✔️Say: She goes for a walk in the afternoon.

(1) Use “on” with the days of the week or month: on Friday, on March 25, on New Year’s Day

(2) Use “at” with the exact time: at four o’clock, at dawn, at noon, at sunset, at midnight.

(3) Use “in” with a period of time in April, in winter, in 1945, in the morning

Also: at night and by day

Arrive at, not to:

✖️Don’t say: We arrived to the village at night. 

✔️Say: We arrived at the village at night. 

Note : Use “arrive in” with countries and large cities: Mr Smith has arrived in London. (Or New York, India, etc.)


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