Apple Announces Anticipated Mixed Reality Glasses Vision Pro

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Apple introduced Vision Pro, its long-awaited mixed reality glasses, at the WWDC 2023 event. This eyewear presents a brand-new product merging virtual and augmented reality for its users.

No Need for a Physical Remote Control

Vision Pro can be used without a physical controller. You can operate these glasses using your eyes, your voice, and your hands, and they can also be controlled with the Digital Crown.

Powerful Hardware and Customizable Avatars

Employing Apple’s custom M2 and R1 chips, Vision Pro also offers users the ability to create their digital avatars. Cameras on the glasses bring the real world right to your screen.

23 Million Pixels and Superior Sound Experience

With its two panels, Vision Pro provides a total of 23 million pixels. Its built-in speakers also deliver a superb sound experience.

Advanced Sensors and Zeiss Lens Technology

Equipped with various sensors including LiDAR and TrueDepth camera, Vision Pro offers its users a superior image experience. The lenses, developed in collaboration with Zeiss, further enrich this experience.

Rich App Support and Integration

Apple’s mixed reality glasses support a wide range of apps and can operate seamlessly with them. Vision Pro, which can work integratedly with MacBook, also allows you to use multiple applications simultaneously.

Innovative FaceTime Experience and 3D Video Viewing

Vision Pro provides users with a spatial FaceTime experience. With the ability to watch 3D videos and control the light while watching films, Vision Pro promises a cinema-like experience.

Gaming Pleasure with Apple Arcade

Vision Pro allows you to play games in Apple Arcade, thus taking your gaming experience to a different dimension.

Pricing and Release Date

The price of Apple’s mixed reality glasses Vision Pro was announced as $3,499 and the product is expected to be launched next year. This suggests that users are eagerly waiting to try out this exciting technology.

Vision Pro Requires Wired, Not Wireless Connection

It has been stated that Vision Pro requires a cable to connect to a battery. This might somewhat limit freedom of movement, but it indicates that the device requires such a power source for longer performance.

Three-Dimensional App Experience

Thanks to its ability to use applications in three dimensions, Vision Pro offers users a unique experience. This feature could radically change the ways of accessing information and consuming digital content.

Integration with MacBook and Apple Keyboard

Vision Pro can operate integratedly with MacBook models and the Apple keyboard. This allows users to maintain their workflows smoothly and without interruption.

EyeSight Feature and Environmental Awareness

Vision Pro’s EyeSight feature can show where your eyes are focused. Moreover, when someone approaches you, the glasses’ cameras and sensors activate to alert the user. These features provide the user with heightened environmental awareness.

Rich Multimedia Experience

Vision Pro presents photos and videos with a new experience. Its feature of controlling the light while watching a movie offers users a cinema-like experience. By allowing 3D video viewing, Vision Pro elevates the multimedia experience to the next level.

Coming Next Year: Price is $3,499

The innovative mixed reality glasses, Vision Pro, are announced to be launched next year. The price of this exciting product will be $3,499. Tech enthusiasts and Apple fans are eager to experience this extraordinary device.

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